About us

Welcome to “The Clothing Factory”

We are a team of artisans, craftsmen, and homemakers dedicated to supplying you with the best quality clothing wear.

From cutting, stitching, embroidery, sewing on buttons, and trimming clothes; we do it all.Our backbone is our labor force who have their own tales of love for what they do. Our passion stems from their aspirations and hopes for a better future

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The Clothing Factory is an online Fashion Retail Outlet. It belongs to Cacti Designs Pvt Ltd.

Meet our Craftsmen

Shakeel, Master

Meet Shakeel Master, the architect of your clothes. His father had a stitching shop in his village from where he picked up an interest in garments. He came into the factory knowing just how to cut and stitch garments. With a deep interest in patterns, he took upon himself this task of making patterns on his own. Today, with over 25 years of experience in this industry, he is a self-taught and exceptional pattern maker who can produce a pattern by just looking at the style. Everybody in the factory lovingly calls him “Master ji”, a title well deserved!

This is us acknowledging and respecting the contribution of all the pattern makers working in different factories across the world.

We are indeed lucky to have Shakeel Master ji as part of our team!❤

Promoting local Artisans & Craftsmen

We are impacting lives of daily wage workers while making the fashion business’s invisible workforce visible.